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About Conscious Culture


Conscious Culture Publishing is an independent publishing company committed to creating a platform for diverse content that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. Through the creation of narratives that are a reflection of the people both creating and experiencing these stories, we empower young readers to reach their fullest potential while embracing their history and culture.

Our stories are a reflection of the global community and we believe it is important that young people of color not only see themselves reflected in stories but also have a platform to provide their own authentic voice, culture, and experience. Storytelling is an extraordinary way to educate and empower young readers and show them that they are limitless.


Marlon McKenney


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Marlon McKenney is a San Francisco-based author, illustrator, and creative director with over 20 years of professional advertising experience working in San Francisco’s top ad agencies. Marlon specializes in narrative storytelling via motion graphics, video, interactive, and illustration. In 2016, he founded the independent publishing company, Conscious Culture Publishing, that focuses primarily on delivering diverse multicultural content to educate and empower children across the globe.
With the release of Alice in Wonderland Remixed in 2017, Marlon became one of the first artists to create a children’s book entirely illustrated using 3D technology. Combining classic  stories with contemporary narratives, Marlon incorporates elements of self-empowerment African and African-American history. His latest release, The Genius of Egypt is the African story of the world’s first multi-faceted genius, Imhotep, will be available April 2018.